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Tel: 0845 2300 425
H Beardsley ltd, Unit 2 Common Road, Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands, UK, NG17 2JN

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Beardsleys Narrow Aisle Warehouse in Nottinghamshire
Beardsleys Narrow Aisle Warehouse in Nottinghamshire

Case Studies

ABC ltd had their own warehouse and distribution vehicles. They leased a large industrial premises consisting of a warehouse and associated offices. They recognised the overall cost to them of this facility and investigated the option of outsourcing all their warehousing and distribution.

They found that there were many logistics companies with both warehouses and vehicles, but very few were able to deliver a customised business solution. In this case, ABC Ltd purchased palletised stock in bulk from all over the UK which required case-picking to individual customer order and then delivering to a tight timescale.

Beardsleys were able to offer a fully customised solution which allowed them to dispense with their old premises and move into smart modern offices close to where they were originally located. Their warehouse (Beardsleys) is now some 70 miles away.

Thanks to a modern computer system, any initial fears over the warehouse being separated from their offices were soon dispelled. The Beardsley computerised warehouse management system offers a highly detailed real-time view of orders and stock. Customers can access transport and warehouse systems via the internet to put on orders, check stock, POD's etc.

The conclusions:

Beardsleys now take in palletised stock on a daily basis and then case pick this stock to despatch mixed orders which are shipped both UK wide and internationally. Beardsleys pick in excess of 5,000 units per week.

What are our employees are saying about Beardsleys?

"Since joining the company, Iíve had excellent support and guidance to help me settle into the role. Itís refreshing working for a dynamic, forward thinking company like Beardsleyís"

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